Who We Are

Michelle - Owner, Certified Instructor, & Teacher Trainer

Michelle Berger's career as a professional singer spanned more than a decade and led to her living in Europe for over 20 yrs. During her singing career, which continues today, she performed in both the US and Europe. 

While living in Switzerland, she discovered the benefits of the Pilates training method. After her fourth private session, it became clear to her that she should become a certified Pilates instructor. Next to singing, she had never felt as passionate about anything as she did, and still does, about Pilates. 

Michelle completed her Pilates certification in 2007 after completing more than 700 hours of training.  She received her certification from Jules Pure Pilates in Zurich Switzerland and went on to become a licensed affiliate trainer of Michael Miller Pilates.  Since then she has taught more than 6000 hours as a certified Pilates instructor. While in Switzerland Michelle was an instructor for Jules Pure Pilates of Zurich, and a guest instructor at Absolut Balance in Zug. 

While singing and teaching Pilates in Europe, Michelle discovered the value of the Pilates method as it pertains to singers. She became the Pilates instructor for the Zurich Opera House where she was on staff for two years until she returned to the US.  In the fall of 2009 Michelle gave her first “Pilates for Singers” master class for the University of Montana vocal department. 

In August 2010 Michelle opened Pure Pilates, a “Pilates only” studio now located in Billings, Montana.