Who We Are




Michelle - Owner, Certified Instructor, & Teacher Trainer

Michelle Berger's career as a professional singer spanned more than a decade and led to her living in Europe for over 20 yrs. During her singing career, which continues today, she performed in both the US and Europe. 

While living in Switzerland, she discovered the benefits of the Pilates training method. After her fourth private session, it became clear to her that she should become a certified Pilates instructor. Next to singing, she had never felt as passionate about anything as she did, and still does, about Pilates. 

Michelle completed her Pilates certification in 2007 after completing more than 700 hours of training.  She received her certification from Jules Pure Pilates in Zurich Switzerland and went on to become a licensed affiliate trainer of Michael Miller Pilates.  Since then she has taught more than 6000 hours as a certified Pilates instructor. While in Switzerland Michelle was an instructor for Jules Pure Pilates of Zurich, and a guest instructor at Absolut Balance in Zug. 

While singing and teaching Pilates in Europe, Michelle discovered the value of the Pilates method as it pertains to singers. She became the Pilates instructor for the Zurich Opera House where she was on staff for two years until she returned to the US.  In the fall of 2009 Michelle gave her first “Pilates for Singers” master class for the University of Montana vocal department. 

In August 2010 Michelle opened Pure Pilates, a “Pilates only” studio now located in Billings, Montana. 

Mary Lou--Pilates Instructor in Training

At age 15 I was involved in an accident that would cause me many years of headaches and pain.  I tried many forms of relief over the years, from chiropractic to different types of exercise and stretching, none of which gave me any relief.  I was introduced to Pilates, a method of exercise and stretches, in 2012.  It was then that I began taking private sessions with Michelle and found that my muscles were ‘waking up’ and I was getting more movement in my neck.   I was happy to have the frozen muscles that were causing so much pain start to relax into better alignment and less knotting/seizing.  This was achieved through my Pilates practice and private lessons with Michelle.  As I’ve continued there have been many changes and benefits to my health, one being my ability to again sleep on my sides something I couldn’t do for many years.  In the past year I have realized and been told that Pilates is ‘me’.  Due to this and my great love of Pilates I decided to take a workshop to help others learn the benefits that span across your life in your physical body, mind and spirit.  I am currently teaching Mat, Exo Chair, and Springboard classes at the studio and look forward to further training with Michelle, and becoming a fully certified Pilates instructor who teaches all of the apparatus to both individuals and groups.

Toni--Pilates Instructor

Hello my name is Toni Sennett.  I started my fitness career in Chicago IL as a group exercise instructor.  I taught low impact and step aerobics there for 7 years.  In 1995 I moved to Billings and started teaching at the YMCA.  There I taught low impact aerobics, step aerobics, power pump, and senior fitness.  Through conversations with my clients about their fitness and my own personal experience I realized you don’t have to beat your body up to be in shape. That’s when I found Pilates.  I started with a Pilates mat certification in 2003 and realized Joseph Pilates’ Method went much deeper than only the mat work.  In 2005 I started a comprehensive certification program requiring 500 hours of training, which I completed in three years.  I am certified in mat and all of the apparatus.  I have been teaching at Pure Pilates since 2014.  When I’m not teaching I like to knit and do all kinds of hand sewing.  When the weather is nice I spend time with my three sons riding motorcycles, fly fishing and camping.