About Pilates

Joseph Pilates, the founder of "Pilates", describes his method of training as complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. We at Pure Pilates are dedicated to sharing the incredible vision with our fellow man. The Pure Pilates team invites you to discover what can happen when you balance yourself through this form of trainining!  

The training method of Joseph Pilates:

  • A body balancing form of physical training which strengthens from the center outward.

  • Each motion is so precise that only 4-6 repetitions are required.

  • Done correctly, It is a full body workout merging mind and body into unity.


The Results:

  • Uniform usage creates uniform development.

  • Re-alignment of muscular structure bringing automatic balance into everyday function. 

  • After a full workout, generally 55-60 minutes, one feels refreshed, alert, and fully charged with energy.

our studio's

values & focus 

  • Safety

  • Development

  • Body mind integration

  • Challenge

  • Awareness

your Body

The method of Pilates will change your body by increasing your strength, developing your felxibility, bettering your alignment, and getting you to breath deeply. You will reap the benefits of heightened body awareness and function. 

Your mind

The Pilates method was designed with concentration in mind. You have the chance to shut out the buzz of everyday life and focus on yourself. You will experience the ability to "ground" yourself, enabling you to perform better in all walks of life.

your spirit

As a method of training Pilate stimulates our spirits. The inner most part of us all that let us "feel" and "engage" with all that surrounds us. You will feel energized and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Our Studio is a Balanced Body Studio. You can find out more aboutPilates (or CoreAlign) equipment by Balanced Body at www.pilates.com

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